My first joy was in working stone.

I loved the sound of it under a mallet, the smell when it’s cut, the colour and the texture.

Most of all I loved its permanence, millions of years in the making, hundreds perhaps thousands of years in the form it gives me.

I was taught by craftsmen, not artists, men who learned the ways of generations of men before them; taught to know and respect the material, to work it with honesty and a firm hand.

Eventually I began to explore other mediums. Drawing has been a vital part of my skillset as a sculptor, and I started to enjoy it more and more, finding something deeply expressive in the flat planes of the two-dimensional.

Nowadays, a lot of my energy is spent painting and drawing, engaged on a journey that doesn’t have an end, simply trying over and over again to get a little better, a little more confident, and finally a little more accomplished.

These pages show some of what I have made during the last 20 years; sometimes in response to commission, sometimes simply work I needed to make for me.

I hope you see in them, as I do, the spirit that can emanate from such a primal source.