The Artist

I do believe the most interesting thing about an artist's life should be their work, but people do ask, so here's a brief description of my journey.
Originally an art director, I spent many years working for ad agencies in London, Stockholm and New York, eventually becoming a creative director of one of London's most enormous outfits. Nowadays it is hard to believe that I found the gongs, flash cars and posh restaurants lacking appeal, but daily I dreamed of something more rewarding. I adored the work of people like Gaudier-Brzeska, Brancusi, Mestrovic, Moore and Epstein, and believed the proper way to follow them would be to learn the real skills of stone carvers before I even began.
A touchingly old-fashioned notion, I'll grant, but one that I believe has stood me in good stead to this day. After two years studying with men from the Dorset limestone quarries, I opened my own studio in the summer of 1996.
And in 2004, I held my first solo exhibition at St Martins-in-the-Fields in London.
My work is now in the collections of a number of institutions throughout the UK and in private collections both here and in America.
Why didn't I do this before?